Anybody know what ILYY phase retailed for and how much the have been going for in trade value?


I think they retailed for $120. They look awesome but I don’t think they had the best reviews.

So $90 is probably for a collector if it’s mint.

If you’re looking for a player this might not be the best for you.


I had one a bit ago I traded it and a Quake for a Summit and 1 mint dingo, 1 beat dingo. So yeah it was worth quite a bit I guess. Mine was abit vibey (the guy tuned it I think). It played fun though! I’m missing it actually.


Thanks guys. I managed to trade it as well for a M10. It was kinda beat but he collects ILYY. Thanks for giving me an idea of value. It was pretty fun, that ridge was tricky at first to avoid.