ILYY P22. You heard of it?

(yokaiyo) #1

Anybody heard of the ILYY P22? It is a plastic versoin of the Catch 22. It is a bit larger than the Catch 22 but other than that it looks alot like the catch 22. The P22 is made out of delrin. Here is the link to a post about it on the Yoyonation forum.,50731.0.html

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(yokaiyo) #2

I think a black one would be cool.

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Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It looks very promising. Here is a post about it on YoYoSkills.

(JonasK) #4

Them Germans sure know how to make things that look good.

Addment: Them Germans managed also to bring a VERY lightly dressed girl also known as Dita Von Teese (AKA Marilyn Manson’s wife) to ESC.

(yokaiyo) #5

Yeah, and it also will be alot cheaper than the Catch 22, $450. OUCH!!!
That price hurts.

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You can buy it at a german shop for 60 euros:

Very cool looking!


i purchased one on monday, cant for it to arrive!