ilyy,od and school laptop bundle for only 300!! Great deal! Needs to go!

Ayy what’s going on guys, so today I have for you an hp notebook, a one drop cascade and an ilyy og enigma. Everything thing is in tip top shape beside one tiny scuff on the one drop. Besides that everything is mint.

Now onto the laptop I bought for school but dint seem to need it. Ive only used it about three times. Has 320gs of memory and is pretty darn quick. Comes with windows 8 charger and box it came is. I paid over 300 for the laptop alone. I’m asking 200 firm. (You’re basically getting a brand high end computer for 100+off pretty good deal)

Now about the throws. You know how they play, you know their value and they’re in great shape! If youd like more pics of either of em let me know and it’ll be no problem. I need to sell these asap. IM TRYING TO BUY A CAR SO PLEASE HELP! Thanks and have a good one (:

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