[ILYY] Nile prototype update!

Dominik loves his SB2 so much, so we decided to work on a classic shape yoyo, a tribute to Tom Kuhn’s classic. We finally came up with nothing but the Trvth.

At this point, there have been two iterations. The first prototype featured an absolutely straight gap profile. But we found it very hard to play with it, cause of the tiny catch zone. So, to increase the playablity just a bit by maintaining an uncompromising design, at least by today’s standards regarding 1A yoyos, we decided to make the profile slightly wing-shaped. Actually the SB2 was slightly wing-shaped as well.
Now, for our second prototype the catch zone is like double the size of the first version. We also increased the overall diameter just a bit to give it more rim weight and spin time.

Comparison picture: Version 1 - Version 2

The second prototype features full, state of the art engravings. As you can see, we are kind of going a metal theme here. Its a black yoyo, which leads us to “black metal” of course. Also, you can think of the name and the term “trve metal”. The style of the engraving goes along with the heavy metal theme as well. Art work by Clayton V.

The final release will also be black candodized, just like the prototypes. The engraving is not final at this point, we might tweak it a bit here and there. As a goodie, the final version will come with a special Graou string made just for us.

We are aiming for a release during second half of 2011.


Diameter: 55.40mm
Width: 28.50mm
Weight: 66.60g
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK 6x13x5mm
Coating: ILYY Candodize (Black)
Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum
Limitation: -tba-

There is also a short teaser video, that features the prototype version 1.

Trvth Teaser

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Ok, I want. ;D Looks like the ultimate pocket yoyo. wold fit any pocket no prob

So bold of you to make something like this. I love it.

try for 4A :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder what would happen if yo put a slim bearing in it.

They’re almost done! They feature our new Pearl 2.0 finish. In fact, its a special kind of hard anodizing which has some certain qualities to it. Quote: maximum resistance to abrasion, greatest possible sleekness, maximum hardness/toughness, much increased chemical resistance. According to the anodizing shop this particular coating surpasses similar coatings by competators up to 30% regarding the quality of the coating features.
About 65 will head to retailers by the end of next week. If you are interested in one, go and get yours as soon as they drop. This is the first and the last batch of 2WEI due to a lack of demand. Also, this will our last yoyo with CandyBlast Pearl topping. Prices for this coating went through the roof, so it’s double rare. Get ready!

WOW! :o

how much are they gonna be around?

kind of like duncan mondial but looks much better

Reminds me of the SB2.

Dominik loves his SB2 so much, so we decided to work on a classic shape yoyo, a tribute to Tom Kuhn’s classic. We finally came up with nothing but the Trvth.

that might have been what they were going for

I got one coming to me. I’m stoked. It will definitely be an outstanding pocket yoyo and practice piece…however…with the extremely limited amount of these that were produced due to costs it’d probably be best to keep it mint. Will I?? Who knows. Probably not.

Anyone else got one on the way?

I know this thread is a week old, but oh well.

Some sites are starting to receive these, and they look awesome. I currently have one on the way. It looks awesome, and I can’t wait to try it! Only 65 a-grades, and the end of the pearl? awesome!

They are the standard ILYY price of about $120.

Our first low price yoyo was the Void. It was a huge success and we decided to further expand our line of lower priced throws by two – Valve and Verve.
Both feature a similar shape and guts, however they come in two differenz sizes.


The Valve being the full size entry at nice 54mm diameter.


And the Verve being the smaller brother at 50mm diameter.


Valve is planned for mid November, Verve in December.

Looks beautiful! Any clue what price range you’ll be looking at??

Been wanting to join the ILYY club forever :slight_smile: IF the price is right might be a part of it before christmas :slight_smile:

Same price as the Void.

How are the 2 gonna play (as in floaty, zippy, etc.)?

Sorry, completely missed your post. :S

Verve plays really fast, but since it will not be released, it doesn’t matter much. Valve plays kinda floaty in my opinion.

Noooo why won’t the Verve be release. ILYY needs an undersized throw…unless you’re updating the E1ns?