If you have a $Tree yoyo and a Yeti try this

  1. Play with the dollar tree yoyo for 30 minutes or more.
  2. After you’ve played with it quite a bit, switch to your yeti and throw it for 5 mins.

The Yeti will feel like a rock on a string!! lol.

If you don’t have a Yeti, any other 70 gram yoyo will work, or just any heavy and stable throw.

It’s really weird ;D

Would a positron work? :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t got a yeti.

Any heavy and light yoyo works probably.

But the $tree one is the lightest throw I’ve used lol. Like 40 grams

Metal drifter or Maverick and then to my YYR Triplet. Ouch, it feels like a truck.

Uragment --> DreadnoughtG. 59g to 79g.

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Try this… get a quart size Gatorade. Drink half of it. Carry around the half empty bottle for about 30 minutes.

Now grab another ‘Full’ quart bottle of Gatorade. Amazingly, it will feel Twice as heavy.

Science is astounding, isn’t it.



Not quite. You have more feeling and recognition of your yoyo tricks and that adds to how differently your yoyo feels to you after such a weight change.