i will trade for a luftverk

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hi i am looking to trade for a luftverk, I have a CLYW manatee, a CLYW scout, a ti dream, a CLYW igloo, a monkey finger 2evil, a tropic spins shipwreck, a CLYW ac2, a CLYW puffin 2, a one drop terrain, and a CLYW chief. I will consider any offer. Thank you ! email or pm me

Hi everyone,

I have the following throws for sale,

YYF 9 Dragons - 60$
CLYW Yeti 2.0 - 20$
CLYW Puffin 2 - 100$
CRUCIAL Cupcake - 80$
CRUCIAL Fresh Milk - 65$
YYF Mighty Flea - 40$
CLYW Chief - 90$
CLYW Scout - 100
CLYW Igloo - 110$
CLYW Manatee - 60$
TROPIC SPINS Shipwreck - 70$
C3 Electric Flash - 30$
CLYW Yeti 1.0 - 25$

All throws are in very good condition with the exception of a few hardly noticeable scuffs on a few.

Pictures of the listed yo-yos are in the link below

Please email me at " chicken.nugget.bora@gmail.com " or pm me if you are interested in buying.

Thank you!