I paint yoyo's!!!!! Less than $60!!! Planet Nine,FH2

I am pleased to say that I finally have my whole painting setup setup and that its working.I only have 2 examples of my painting,and i hope to expand that.I will paint your yoyo’s, and nothing too fancy yet (i’ve only painted 3 yoyo’s total) for no less than $20 shipped,and no more than $60 shipped depending on amount of new colors (i’m still starting, i only have opaque black,red,and pearlized blue),difficulty of design and such.I’ll handle it case by case,so just PM me.
And keep in mind,if you get a yoyo painted, it will never grind again.

and on to the throws:
Planet Nine:

I recently painted it.The top coat is still curing, but i tested and it still plays fine.It’s not a ghost on the string, but it doesn’t have much vibe.Plays awesome,just about the only undersized throw I can do horizontal on.
EDIT:That photo does not capture how awesome the whole thing is, it is the most shiny and sparkly yoyo i have ever seen
$100 (don’t rage over that,it is painted.which costs a bit,and is laborsome)

Freehand 2:

The first yoyo I ever painted,don’t want much for it.Plays as any FH2 does.The paintjob was an accident, so don’t ask me to paint you that.
$25 (got it for $20)

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