i need some advice

ok so my brother just got his lyn fury 2 weeks ago and the only tricks he can to are iffel tower and gravity pull and now he is going to buy a mighty flea

he is only 10…

does anyone agree with this??? because i really dont

No, don’t let him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give a couple of months of throwing until he buys one. :slight_smile:

Maybe you have a few throws you could let him borrow for a while, i don’t think he should do it.

well why not its more of a collectors yoyo not a player so if he wants to use money on that instead of say a genesis or something thats his discision

No, he shouldn’t do it. Just look in the description:

“Being so small does change the whole game making it more challenging to land on the string and more difficult to control overall… We don’t recommend this for the beginner player…”

I wouldn’t let him get a new yoyo until he is well into mastering most of the advanced tricks and still shows the enthusiasm to want to go even further. Even then, I would recommend taking that same money and getting any number of yoyos before even considering the flea.

Give your parents some sense that buyin a 10 year old a 65$ mighty flea is something ridiculous. When he gets better (getting into advanced trick) is were buying a mighty flea is acceptable. If he really wants a new yoyo a FHZ or a FH 2010 would be a good going since they are made of durable plastic and are responsive stock and with some modding can be unresponsive.

How is that ridiculous? When I was 10-11 I got a M1 and now I’m well into making my own tricks and can easily land the master tricks on here. I agree that since he’s a begginer and that you dont know if he’s going to suddenly quit yoyoing that buying the mighty flea is a bad idea, but buying a $60+ yoyo for someone going to middle school isnt ridiculous.

I think it’s moreso the fact that he’s new to yoyoing.

Being new to yo-yoing he is likely to get frustrated with the flea… If he is getting better at a good pace I would recommend a velocity or speed dial to ease him into unresponsive play

I think the right time to get a flea would be when he can really impress people with his skills

It’s more of a fun yoyo than a yoyo yoyo.

The lyn should do fine its one of the best yoyos for begginers, when he learns to bind a PGM or Protostar would be a great choice for going to intermidiate to advanced.

do not let him get this give him a protostar or a dmII or a yoyo like that.

Honestly, with that money, you might as well get a fundametal or some other cheap metal. It’ll benefit him alot more than a mighty flea for the same price.

the thing is he is not very committed to yoyoing at all. He thinks that if he buys a better yoyo than he will be a better player I threw his yoyo and I was able to do alot with it I told him that he should wait a month then buy a revelution or a protege.

Sometimes, the only way to learn succes is through failure.

Such a great statement right there!

well I think he decided now on a revolution…

he just wants to waste his money when he already has a perfectly good yo yo

Its kinda sounding like your jealous right now