I live in northern Indiana, Wheres the closest competition?!

Hey everyone, long time spinner, not a lot of posts though.

I live in northern Indiana. I use to have a Yomega dealer through a local Fun FX store, but they are long gone now. So needless to say everything I do with the sport is over the internet.

I’ve really progressed in the last 6 months (How long its been since I found my old pro-yo turbo Bumblebee in my basement, I throw a Hitman now) And I am wanting to start doing a little more, or at least get active with competitions. I know there is one in Plymouth, Michigan in July (I think July), but is that the only one around me? I saw one for an Ohio comp, Is there a place that has everything I need to know?


I myself am in northern Indiana!

FunFX? There’s only one of those. It’s not a franchise. Vic, the owner, is still in business as FunFX, but is long since out of the yo-yo game. Funnily enough, it’s where I got my start in the late nineties, and I do miss having local purchasing power.

It really sounds like you’re local to me. I’m in the South Bend/Mishawaka area. You?

if you are local to me, continue reading. if not, little of this is going to make any sense


Locally there is absolutely nothing. No competitions, events, or even stores that retail anything we’d consider a usable yo-yo. You’re looking at a drive to do anything entertaining in this regard. The Plymouth, MI event is the closest to me. I know of no Chicago, Kalamazoo, or Ft. Wayne based events.

The Indiana State Yo-Yo Contest is held (May 30th this year) in Indianapolis. For any other possible information, I’d say to hit up the American Yo-Yo Association website.

I’ve considered putting together a club here in South Bend. We had one, once upon a time, through the old FunFX store. But that was back when they were in the lot that Guitar Center is in now, and well over a decade ago. I could probably talk Vic into carrying modern product again (as opposed to his current nothing) if there was a strong enough local demand for it.

The membership would be decidedly small, as I’m the only one in the area I know that still plays. I’m not sure how to go about finding how many players might actually be in the Michiana area, so any thought on this would be greatly appreciated.

Oh man. We are now friends. First, yes, I live in Mishawaka, (more granger though). I live on bittersweet road, if ya know where that is. How old are you? My email is threepete23 at gmail dot com

As far as talking to Vic about carrying even a limited supply of quality products like they did, that would be amazing. I know the demand is practically non existant, But I have had numerous people ask me where to get stuff around here, and a buddy just got into spinning three days ago.
I know about 5 or 6 months ago, I had called Fun FX hoping they still carried products, as you know they don’t anymore, but the person I talked to said there still was stuff in the warehouse, and it was available online. Well I didn’t really look into it much more then that because I figured I might as well order from somewhere else if I was going to order online.

Holy geez…

You really are local to me. Another thrower, in my town? About time. :wink:

I’m 31. Went to LaSalle High School. Class of '96.

Yeah, I know exactly where Bittersweet Road is. I actually get out to Granger on a regular basis as I have friends that live there, and it’s not a far drive for me as I’m on the NW end of the Bend.

As for Vic and FunFX, it’s going to take a small miracle to get him back in the game. I’m sure the warehouse does have old stock left, and I’m sure it’s all around 7-10 years old. Probably nothing you’d want. Last I checked, they allowed local pickups at the warehouse so they’d probably let you rummage through it if you’re so inclined to drive over there. I think it’s still on Sample St. near the new jailhouse. As far as it being available online, their website isn’t showing anything.

If you’ve got people asking you where the hook-up is, you’re doing better than me. I haven’t known a soul who threw around here for years now.

I suppose if you’re anywhere near my age and have been around this area for awhile, we might already know each other. Don’t know anyone named Pete though, so I’m hoping your online name really is just a Bulls reference. :wink:

See what magic This forum can do!!! It can make FRIENDS!!!

Heh! I’ll actually be amazed if I don’t already know this cat.

19, Penn high class of '08. My names Nate, nice to meet a local spinner. and you were dead on with the bulls reference, which is something that out of all the forums I’m part of, you are the first one to pick up on it. Im part of 3 forums with this name, and my email. EVERYONE thinks my name is pete, I dont mind it though, haha.