I JUST GOT A DINKFACE! omg Dinkface!


Owow so excited o my to the George takei! I just bought one of these bad boys


“Clap along, if you feel like a room without a roof…”

I copped one too. I wish we could choose the Dinkface though. :-\


What does a room without a roof feel like?

If it’s raining, I guess you would feel wet and soggy?


It’s not to be taken literally, but who said it’s raining? Why don’t we presume it’s sunny? When you’re in a happy mood you think of the sun, not the rain.

“My level’s too high, to bring me down…” Another line for you. :smiley:


I enjoy rain. Even more so thunder and lighting.


I was just about to say this haha, i love the rain as well!


Yes, I do enjoy lighting very much… Can’t say the same about lightning tho…


But, why did we presume there was rain? And if rain is good, then the song totally makes sense. Room without a roof + raining = great, right? :-\

But, on the topic, did you guys get a Dink Face? :smiley:


Rain is nice when you are inside. And dry.

Nope… I wish…


The dink face is going to be my rarest yoyo when I get it, I’m pretty pumped.


He doesn’t mention any rain in the song, so it must be dry. You won’t be wet and soggy, okay. No Dinkface? No happy song for you, sir. :frowning:

So, what is the history of the Dinkface? Is there a story behind the different faces?


I believe it is “Dingkface”.


Hmmm…Yoyonews and Hildy site have it listed as “Dink.” Maybe someone will have a bit more on that, and some history of the art for us.

(M.DeV1) #14

I got one because reasons


Ah, you know… I’mma admit to the egg on my face for this one. The OP was clearly and obviously referring specifically to the Hildy one, not the design in general (as found on CLYW metal yoyos)… the “Dingk” part is probably a joke about dings, and that wouldn’t apply to a wooden yoyo.

The original CLYW design is definitely “Dingkface”… whether they intentionally changed it for the Currier or whether Hildy Bros. themselves just messed up I couldn’t say, but I’m inclined to believe the product literature until otherwise noted. :wink:


Hmmm. It could have been a typo, and might end up like that “aluminum” debate in the other thread. All it takes is one letter to be missing often enough, and we’re off and running. :smiley: It might be too late now, and we’ll start seeing Dingk and Dink interchangeably. I kinda like “Dingk” because it gives some yo-yo significance. I remember seeing it written that way in the past, just wasn’t sure if it got changed. I wasn’t sure if Jensen was implying that the faces were beat up, how we refer to dings on yo-yos, or if that is not the implication at all.

I’m surprised no one has interviewed Jensen about those faces. I wonder if they started as a doodle and took on a life of their own. Or, if they have some other significance. The ones on the Hildy are particularly detailed, so I’m wondering what decisions go into the extent of the detail. I think a Yoyonews interview of Jensen regarding the art would be great.

I like to draw too, and he also does the music thing like me, so artistically…I can dig it. I chose to get one face instead of all three. I’m not as much into wood as some other people, but I thought having one in the collection would be nice.


I got my DinkFace today. I was hoping for the one with the eye on his forehead, but I got used to this one. While I was taking photos, I thought of some lyrics. I was cracking up. :smiley:

Random lyrics…Off the top…in a zone.

Last winter, I went to a skating rink place,
Saw his momma, and she looked like a Dink Face.
Shocked and overcame, starting to feel numb like Novocain,
Because she looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Oops, please forgive me, it’s just me being silly, :wink:
Go get yourself a DinkFace, wood yo-yo, made by Hildy.

One. 8)

My Dink Face

Dinkface by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr


It’s fun if it’s a surprise!


At it again huh?


What do you mean by “it”? The yo-yo, the photo, or the rhyming? Yeah, obviously, all three of them.