I DID IT!!!! sucks I wasn't filming

I just completed the most insane trick(to me) from Christopher Chias’ performance at AP11

The trick that starts at 1:21 all the way through the triangle. The triangle is actually really simple.

I wasn’t filming myself at the time, unfortunatly.

ironically, I did with my Sleipnir :wink:

I can also do the trick right after that.

I’ll try getting tutorials in soon

Good for you.


^^^^^ Um the Signature is um… Well Your kinda like that Movie “League of Their Own”, lol J/K
“Get Down, Get Down, Dirt In The Skirt May, Dirt In The Skirt”
“Careful With That YoYo, Careful With That YoYo, Git R Run in Your Stocking and Break That Nail” omg lol I’m just Picking lol. PLS take no offense.

NICE!!! cant wait for the tut.

oh. never bothered to learn but the wrist mount is pretty easy. its just like doing a two handed follow but then when u wanna make the the mount, you have the slack go over your wrist and turn ur hand and land the yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

gotta show me tommorow