Hyroyuki Suzuki

What is the song Hyroyuki Suzuki uses in the speedmaker video on
this website?


keep spinning


Someone posted it in the forums somewhere, im looking for it.

EDIT: Sorry, couldn’t find it. I think that (Ryan) or Pheenix might know though. Someone posted where you could get the music, and im sure it was one of them.

That would be one of Kiwamu Ebata’s freestyle songs for 1 minute prelims.

Here is the link to the page:

Large link!

Scroll down to where it says
“for a minute freestyle”  in Japanese.

See where it says: 2 songs recommended?
By Kiwamu?

Or Japanese lettering “2”
The first set of downloads?

Thats the song you want.

I am unsure of the name, he might not even of had made a name for that song, but it is one of the most widely used songs for prelims in Japanese yoyo contest right now.

I have used it for my 2A prelims as well.


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