Hspin Gorylla 411 For 3 days on eBay!


I have a :
Hspin Gorylla 411 mint for 40 dollars
ILYY Pre-Production Enigma, only 5 made!!! for 70 dollars
Yoyofactory Velocity Version 2 with KonKave bearing for 22 dollars
Werrd 4xl green with rice stacks and all 4 bearings for 60
For sale on eBay, description and pictures on the listing page.
I just posted the url of all my items I am selling.
I am looking for nqp one drops and just one drops in general.
Really wants: Wooly Markmont, Dietz
Will pay 45 shipped for a nqp (b-grade) Dietz, not sure about the wooly Markmont. Pm me the link to eBay.

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Could you keep it into one thread?



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Bump, most yoyos end in 24 hrs!!!

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