Hspin Beysick or YYF 2010 Calofornia (Or other cheap metal)

I’m thinking about getting a cheap metal (around the $65 but I can go a little higher). Which of the above is your favorite and why? thanks.



I would read some reviews and decide. Out of the fundametals the dv888 and cali seem to be the most popular. The beysick is great too. If you look at 70 dollars you can get a BBYY wedgie. I would go with the wedgie, but next choice would be the dv888. If you really can’t decide, choose the one you think you would like the best or which shape you like the best. They all play great really.

the california is not very popular at all…id say the dv888 and lunatic are the most bought fundametals.

just do yourself a favor. stop worrying about this and order a Beysick. I own a Dv888 and a Beysick, and id say I enjoy the Beysick twice as much.