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How to Prevent Being Hassled While Yoyoing

If you have been throwing for a while, somewhere down the track you have experienced times where you just want to be left alone and yo yo in peace, when you’re not in the mood for answering any common questions you’ve heard a million times and you just want to be left alone to. If a peaceful undisrupted throw session is what you seek keep reading.

So what are the qualities to look for in a yoyo when wanting to be left alone?

  1. Silent smooth spinning yoyos are great for blending in and not attracting any attention. Loud bearings that make allot of noise often draw attention and are not good for a peaceful throw session

  2. Dull Black yoyos also generally get less attention as to Bright metallic colored yoyos

  3. Plain yoyos are great for a stealthy yo-yoing moment. Be sure to remove all caps and Aesthetic aspects from the yoyo when possible, because if they are already asking questions, the cap saying “DarkMagic” Or “Hitman” will easily lead to another set of questions that you are not in the mood for.

  4. Durability. Every now and then someone comes along that says can I try out your yo yo, whether it’s a girl you want to impress, or a teacher you don’t want to offend, you still won’t want them walking the dog with your new mint 888.So cheap Durable plastics are ideal for this sort of situation.

  5. Yoyos that are oddly shaped such as the Superwide or HopKing, can raise questions as to whether this is an actual yoyo, they can call it a “trick yoyo” and accuse you of cheating and all these other remarks you don’t want to hear. Bottom line you don’t want this, so keep with the Butter Fly shape but don’t go SUPER wide.

  6. This step is Optional. Let’s say you’ve done everything above, but someone has your yoyo and is going to throw it and you have some instinct telling you your yoyo is going to hit the floor. Even if it’s a cheap 15 Dollar yoyo you still want to keep it as close to mint as possible right? We’ere Human it’s in our nature to protect things that are ours. So shorten the string a tiny bit shorter that what is suitable for you, this will prevent those slams onto concrete that leave those dents in your yoyos

So in conclusion get a Silent, dull Colored, Decoration free, Durable Yoyo with a short string to prevent being hassled while trying to throw in public.

Hope this helps
Brandon Vu

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  1. If you don’t want hassled, don’t yoyo in public.

I like the proactive, positive approach Brandon Vu.

If you don’t want to be bothered, find a very low traffic area and dawn your best emo “I hate the world” expression for any stragglers that might dare to stumble upon your somber worship of the god that is Yo.

But for reals, if you do want to yoyo in public then only bring a yoyo you don’t mind people using. For me, when ever I feel like yoyoing in public I bring my $9 Aoda - Hill and River and a responsive duncan yoyo. That way if they want to try it, I’ll let them throw it and when they realize it’s “broken” and won’t come back I give them the duncan to play with. That way even when they ding it I don’t care. Plus, I might add a member to this lovely activity.

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