how to make your bearing spin more time ?

so here is the question ,how to make your bearing spin more time ? “spins more by moving it with you finger”
i was wondering how? because i heard some people’s bearing spins like 50 sec only by moving it with finger,and my bearing “Central trac” spins like 9-12 sec,is it possible to make a “central trac” spin more than 20 sec,or any bearing?

it doesn’t matter, you should be able to do the same tricks with that bearing anyways. my bearing freespins for like 5 seconds but in the yoyo it spins for minutes

Dude …maybe you read that bearing spins like 50 seconds in the Bulgarian forum (yoyobulgaria . com).My center trac is new (Arrived yesterday) and it’s spins like 10 second when I move it with my figner.It’s really good bearing so I don’t really care how much it is spinning when I move it with my finger.

ok,i know what i red,50 sec spin with finger.
and now 100% think that they lie…
only because 3 said that,i thought it might be real,so…

I highly suggest the famed yet mysterious ‘search button mod’

It has apparently been banned in most parts of the world, but it has been known to improve performance 100,000% if done correctly so it is well worth the risk… There have been reports that some have died in the process, but those are just rumors, and I’m pretty sure it was just their brain cells that died from shock when they were suddenly called into action.

You didn’t hear it from me.



Unlike some some forms of literature, sarcasm does not translate well.