How to make strings?

A simple way? Ive never done it before

Pull out credit card, buy however many you like, done, saving both time and money in the process. :wink:

Unless it seems like an interesting hobby. Customizing a string to your needs; coming up with a perfect formula; selecting your own colours…

I can see the appeal.

But if it’s for any sort of money saving, I wouldn’t even consider it for a moment. $15 for a hundred strings will keep you going for a good long while. :wink:

I just want to try 4 fun

Here is some extra I for the YouTube links might not mention.

My hooks are 10ft apart, and I twist them 1 foot shorter (9ft). I wrap my string starting from the first and ending in the first 6 times, 7 for thick, 5 for thin. (6 is the best, 5 is a little to thin causing slippy binds)

You also should just get Poly covered Poly, unless you prefer slick,Nylon, or Cotton.

tribal Poly is a type of polyester that is hard to catch. You might accidentally buy tribal, which is the slick kind.

You can use Hooks, Nails, and picture hangers.

I would use a extra LARGE hook on the drill as it is easier to take off and keep the loop big.

One thing I never could figure out in the videos was how to make multi colored.

If you make one string, you wrap and wrap 6 times ending on the starting point. To do more colors, you wrap the color of choice around 3 times, then end on the starting point like your done, then start the other string by going around 3 more times=6 times.

It’s good if you make something that can hold double thread as you will only need to go around half the amount of times.

Get a handle of some sort, and screw a little board on the top, like a T. Then add two nails, or as many as you like (It has to be 1 2 3 or 6 nails).

The more nails, the more thread you can hold on it, the less times you have to wrap around the hooks.

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