how to change angles in a video?

Like this-

He is doing a trick then the camera moves back or to the side and hes still going. How do you do that? Samad does it alot to. How!?!

You have two options. Multiple cameras, or multiple takes.

What I want to know is how he did that thing at 1:31

??? explain the multiple takes plz.

Ok so you would take one shot from the front then half way through the trick stop it in the video, then take another shot from the side and continue the trick from that angle.

^ That wat i do but youll have to know how to edit to get it just right.

No, don’t stop mid-trick. Get a few good clips of you doing that particular trick from one angle. Then move the camera and do the trick a few times again and splice everything together.

I just said that example because it was easier to follow and explain.

this is just art. chuck is so good.