how much would this be worth?


a pink game boy pocket. not mint, couple scratches. just wonderin!


I just recently bought a Gameboy Color for 30, if that helps.


i have seen a green one at a thrift shop near our house for ten bucks personally i would buy on for 10


About 20 give or take? I would keep it if were thinking about selling it… not really much reason to sell it.




i has a black one that was special edition buy lost the face plate


I agree. You could get fun games for real cheap, I would keep it.


It’s a bit harder to find stores that sell games now though


Online… There’s still plenty out there to buy. Worst thing that happens is that a clock is broken or something like that.


yeah, and im upset how expensive pokemon emerald is!!! i believe its more expensive now then it was originally released for!


Dang, I really miss the Gameboy era.


My sister broke my only game for my game boy color (pokemon edition) I only had Pokemon Crystal.


It’s so annoying trying to find pokemon games that still have a working clock…


I sold my Gbc for $20


Pokemon yellow is like $30 in working condition, no box.

Unopened in box is like $900.