how much rim weight does the 44 have?

it looks like it doesn’t have much, but yoyos can be deceiving that way.

About the same as a 888X. Little less maybe. Much less than the Boss.

thanks, also an off topic question: how smooth is the genesis?

Really smooth, almost as smooth as a yoyo can get. One of my smoothest throws. Let me tell you it is as smooth as an 888x.

If you read the reviews on the older yo’s you have questions about, your answer should be in them.

If stability is what you’re worried about, I was repeatedly surprised by my 44’s remarkable level of stability in spite of its deceptively low rim weight.

And as far as the Genesis goes, it’s incredibly smooth. And a trip to YoYo Joe’s today just reassured me that no YYF premium throw you try ever disappoints in the smoothness category.

It’s surprising to see how important “smoothness” has become in yoyos. When I first started, smooth was a luxury, not a necessity by which yoyos were judged. It’s okay if a yoyo vibrates. It’s not going to greatly effect play.

As far as rim weight goes, the 44 is average. Not too much, not too little. It’s the classic, curvy yoyo shape.