How do you take your Ramen?

At the beginning of this week, I settled a large, account draining debt. So, it’s Ramen noodles until payday :slight_smile: Reminds of being 20 and in a band but broke like MC Hammer.

I like my Ramen with no soup, no spice packet - just some Parmesan cheese and pepper. You?


just spice no soup

Some soup, full flavour (MSG) packet. Don’t always drink the soup (that’s why I only have some) but I like the noodles to stay slippery.

Hilarious thread. :smiley: I haven’t eaten those in forever.

My recipe:
Chicken flavor is best. Noodles not cooked too long…a tad chewy (like all my pasta), with only a half packet of spice (too salty), and just a bit of the broth (I drain most of the water before adding the packet), but it’s not dry either.


You ever rolled them into a burrito inside the packet?

I cook the noodles forever, use about 75% of the MSG packet (lol), and serve with saltines.

Saltines… Nice :slight_smile: Adding low cost, starchy bulk. Well played.

I’m intrigued. Explain.

First, do not open packet. Repeatedly throw packet of noodles on the floor smashing them in the process. Once thoroughly smashed, open packet of noodles at top only. Remove pack of flavoring. Pour just enough water to cover the dried noodles. Squish the packet in between your fingers allowing the water to get worked into the dried noodles a bit. Roll the packet of noodles up in like you would do a sleeping bag. Sit it on the counter with something sitting on top of it so that it won’t unroll on you. Leave it alone for 10-15 minutes. Unroll and now the noodles will all be stuck together, in burrito form, allowing you to enjoy as such. :slight_smile:

You can pour the flavoring in at any time, if you wish. Heck, throwing crunched up Doritos or some other chip makes it tasty as well.

Undercooked (Still slightly firm).
75% of the MSG packet (lol)
Splash of Ponzu and Sriracha.

MiamiBuddha, You could totally brown that in a skillet and drizzle some of the mango habanero wing sauce from Domino’s on it.

It’s officially no longer a spice packet but a MSG packet (lol). Lol.

1.crush the noodles up in a plastic bag
2. mix powder into bag
3. shake very well around the noodles
4. portable ramen noodles that are good as well

Well, I made this when I had no way of doing any form of cooking aside from putting water in a microwave…

I like my sodium how I like my level of sobriety: high.

My buddy Josh showed me this. He calls it a “ramen cake” or something like that.

1 chicken flavored pack of ramen
1 beef stick and cheese stick combo pack
1 smaller sized bag of crunchy (not baked) cheetos
1 tin of the teriyaki flavored beef chew stuff (by the beef jerky section)

Mash up everything, and rip/cut the beef and cheese stick
Put back into cheetos bag
Boil a cup of water (microwave), and pour it in the bag until it reaches the top of the mixture
Prop between two books and let it sit for about 10-15 min (it needs to soak up the water)
Get a fork and dig in

It actually is pretty dang good, only costs about $5ish and I’m pretty sure you can just save whatever you don’t finish for later

Edit: For a bit heartier cake, add 2 bags of ramen

Legit japanese ramen form ajisen ramen! $10 ramen for me hah!

But for cheap 50cent ramen, i like the brand sapporo ichiban, soooo good! With a hard boiled egg and some dumplings!

I am also a fan of legit ramen. My local ramen shop (Ramen Nippon) makes a killer Nira Moyashi Ramen (sauteed been sprouts, leeks, & green onion w/ shoyu broth).

I also love straight up chashu, shoyu, shio, miso, and tonkatsu ramen.

I had the luxury of eating at many many ramen shops all over Japan… so I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur.


The fact that many of you are referring to the seasoning as the “MSG packet” is making me belly laugh at 10pm when everyone in my house is sleeping :smiley: :smiley:

I like my noodles a little bit crunchy. I use the whole “MSG packet” :D, and cook the noodles in the post with just enough water so the noodles are slightly above the bottom of the pan.

Nothing too crazy. Just simple and tasty.

  1. Boil Water

  2. Eat Block of Ramen

3.Drink Boiling Water

  1. Snort flavor packet.

  2. Repeat after me “I am a man.”


Cheaply, usually in the period before after I pay rent and before my paycheck comes in.

Student life.