How do you learn tricks like ghost from jensen kimmitt

Hello I am Jorik,

Does someone how do you learn long trick like ghost from jensen Kimmit.



Those tricks are made by Jensen Kimmitt. It’s basically his signature trick. How to make your own tricks?

Well there are many threads here about how, go search for it.
But your own tricks come from inspiration and messing around.

I messed around with Yuuki Slack, and accidentally hooked the middle string out, popped the yoyo out and over into a GT. Voila, a self made move/trick.

Mess around with mounts, like Wrist Mount, 1.5 Mount, easier self-made tricks can be made from double or nothing, messing with braintwister rolling combos etc.

Go play, experience, mess around and learn.

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How to learn his trick? EAsy. watch it a gazillion times. slow mo it a gazillion times til u kinda understand whats going on. break it down into steps. Work on getting one step then combine that with the second, third, fourth, etc. til u get it. I watch pro’s tricks alot and do variations of them. Learning new little components from tricks is what helps me invent my tricks. Like, man I like that little slack thing yuuki did, I’ma learn that and integrate it into a new trick that’s more my style.

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a wise man once told me that a novice copying the master only can make him seem as good as the master, but the novice who trains and practices until he reaches the master can surpass anyone.

you can copy ghost, but it is a hard trick, and if you get it, then that is one trick. i recommend learning tricks your level and then making up your own before you tackle ghost. and for the record, ghost is a video, not the name of the trick. in fact, in the video, there were a lot of tricks. just not a lot of throws. this is called a combo.

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