how do you guys make it?

how do you guys make it to worlds every year?

Do you guys fly to california every year as a vacation?

Do you guys camp in cali?

Do you use your Dark Magic to warp you
warp you there where some Lunatic comes and demands 888 dolars in pocket change from you? After you give the x-convict his punchline filled with momentum and fury, you eat a mushroom, you get high and start seeing gnarwhals, bassalopes, Wooly marmots and fight a bear, bear vs man style, you roast the bear over a campfire. However, you now suffer an addiction to mushrooms, become a hitman to feed your addiction, when in the middle of an assassination, the eneme makes a counterattack and you get sent back to your hometown beaten up. Then you go to complain to your boss and finally get your raise, so you go back to california and do the same thing. Then, you complain again and finally, on your hatrick (third win) you make it to the worlds, win 1a while high on mushrooms, leave the building, and get bitten by a dingo. Then you wake up, and realise that you have no life to reference all those yoyos.

All jokes aside, how do you make it to cali every year?

I like how you used names of yoyos in your story. And all you do is just take a flight, and also the worlds are in Orlando, Florida. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, well, i’ll keep it as california because it ties in with the story, :wink:

California = Nationals right?

Yes, I will be there. Worlds=Orlando

When is it?

October second.

i don’t think it’s just me, but i think u guys got off topic.
i want to know too
how do u all go to Cali every year and then to Orlando every year!?
plz tell me yo secret