at 2:52 andre does a a trick where the yoyo swing with the dtring its crazy whats it called and how do i do it

Edit: srry idk Y it posts 2 videos ???

The trick is called “Revolutions.” Its alot of fun!

The trick is called Revolutions and it’s a nice trick. Check it out:

haha we put our responses at the same time. it even said i had to re post it cause some1 was posting lol

With my ninja fast link grabbing skills I defeated you ;D


Thanks i was wondering how that was done. ??? ???

Thanks guys i alomst have that trick down but one more question at 2:30 he does a trick that looks like atomic bomb “barrel rolls” but it looks to fast and fluid is this in fact that trick or is it something else

what he does is just a split bottom mount and does some what similar to a brain twister

im more interested in that coin thingy

Yep, its just a brain twister from a split bottom mount. Quite easy to learn, but hard to get smooth.

You are not the only one. I think it can’t be that hard to learn. And I also think that it might be a good idea to get some serious pen-spinning skills down before you start with a coin. Then you will get pen-spinning skills as well.

Here are my serious pen-spinning skills.

I still can’t do the coin thing well rofl. But i can, just not well. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master. If you wanna learn coin tricks, learn “butterfly”, it impresses people how the coins spread out, and also trains your finger coordination.