how do i thin lube?

hi guys,
i have ordered a brand new DNA and some thin lube.
how do i go about doing this right, do i need to strip the bearing down and clean it first or do i just put a drop of thin lube straight in the new bearing and start throwing.please can you help me??


Lube is made so that the bearing lasts longer. You don’t need to strip the bearing down, but it works a little bit better. You only need a drop or two. You don’t need to clean it before either, but it does the activity of breaking it in almost all the way and much faster so if you want to go for it. I would personally recommend just playing it until it’s broken in and then lube it but it shouldn’t matter if you do it right away.

Well,you will only need to lube after it is really broken in,but you can immediantly.I would reccomend breaking in the SPEC bearing instead of lubing it.Although you can lube it if you want,you have to put a drop of lube on a pin,and touch the pin to about two of the balls in the bearing,then its good to play,or you can put a drop on, watch this video for help on that: - Maintenance - Yo-Yo Lube ,but it may be responsive that way,if you don’t like that,you have to either clean it,or break it in. :wink: