How Do I Put A Video on


How can I do that


Post it to YouTube or Vimeo, then copy the embed link they provide to you here and it should resolve itself.




Yeah can you speak in english this time i didnt get onew word you said


Seems x52 understood me just fine. Clearly, communication occurred, including understanding of what was said.

When you can understand English, come back and read it again.


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You might want to keep that one handy, CarlG. I think it’s going to be needed a lot!

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Thats very rude Icceagle
I’ve noticed the past week your posts are very rude and have even worse grammer then Studio42.
I understood his post ABSOLUTELY fine.

Is it really that hard?
You go to the selected Video
You look on the Share and they should give you an Embed.


Th3n d0 u und3r574nd 7h15 4-h0l3?


ohhhhhh… It took me a minute

So basically yea, post on vimeo/YouTube, go to your top search bar, right click it, press copy, go to your post, and press paste.


Are you saying I have bad grammar? I’ll just have to practice a bit more.


He was saying you have good grammar, unless you countersarcasmed and hit me with a critical hit.


I’m tired and have altered judgement. I’m riding a high from putting silicone stickers in my FHZ Pulse and it going dead unresponsive. Sweet! My Sarcasm Detector went offline.

However, I did want to suggest another method to the original poster:

Step 1: Bring up the YYE site on your favorite web browser
Step 2: Take the video media, be it tape or a memory card, or whatever, and then STAPLE it to your computer monitor.

Now, your video is ON YYE.

At least until you power down!

(Nobody said I had to be helpful!)


We’ll maybe I’m 12 and I don’t get computers that we’ll and can you speak in english was a joke


I’m twelve and am by no means a computer wiz and understood that just fine.

Maybe this will help;

Step 1: Go to video on YouTube/Vimeo/Whatever

Step 2:Copy the URL (the web address).

Step 3: Paste it in your post box thingy.

Step 4: Post it.


Neva mind