How do I make strings shorter?


I am aware that if the string is too long for me I have to make a knot, cut it, blablabla, …

But NO one explains WHAT kind of knot we have to do, they just say “make a knot and cut the string”

No one actually explains!

Anyone knows a good tutorial?

Thanks, you know, I’m not so tall afterall, every string I buy will be too long :confused:

I’m pretty new at this, but I’m pretty sure you cut the string about three inches above the belly button, make an overhand knot, and cut off the excess string. Somebody correct me if i’m wrong. I don’t exactly bother with it and just play with the string as the length it comes in… although it probably would be a good idea for me to do so >.>…

EDIT: Actually, I think the knot is the bowline knot… just google or youtube on how to make one

Its not the bowline not.


Thank You!

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yes that makes perfect sense to me. i get it now. i love being sarcastic.

but really, this thread (no pun intended) really helps.