How do I know which yoyo to buy next? Recommendation?

I have a dv888 and a dm2. What should I add?

I would add a theory, they are real nice or get a nice plastic like a trigger or alpha crash.

Depends, which do you like more? Do you want the capability of lateral caps? Price Range? More information will help us make a recommendation that will better suit your preferences.

I agree, the theory is quite good. If you are going into way more advance tricks,not like intermediate, and are looking to a more expensice one, i would get a supernova. But, My #1 choice for you ( a little on the expensive side, but plays like a $110+ Yoyo) the… Burnside. Its amazing, especially because, for how it plays, its Cheap
so… (for kinda more advanced play…)

Probably under 60$

I’d take a look at the DiBase 1 & 2 if I were you :wink: