How did you get into yoyoing?

Titles says it all…

I first got into it 10 years ago when McDonalds gave free yomegas in happy meals. I recieved a bunch of them, then multiple moves made me lose them. Last year, I found them and mess around a bit, then my friend let me try his legacy. I was hooked when I tried it, and 5 months ago, I got my own legacy and still yoyo. I’ve come a long way, and the people here help me a lot.

I began yo-yoing last June when my friend had a dark magic and I watched him do split the atom and gyroscopic flop I have been hooked ever since

The Ned Show came to my school and I got one of their yoyos. Then, I got quite a few Yomegas. Then, I found yoyoexpert. :slight_smile:

My friend Travis. Saw him yo-yoing at school and I was hooked. ;D

b day speed dial and speed beatle
they vacation near wyyc

When I was around 5-6 my babysitter yo-yoed and gave me a saber raider

Like I said in the introduce yourself thread I have pretty much always carried a yoyo in my pocket since high-school but I could only ever do the most basic stuff like forward passes and rock the baby. Fast forward 10 years and I have spent most of my time skating when I developed a severe case of adhesive capsulitis, doctor tells me the recovery will take years and I can’t skate anymore so I suddenly have no hobby and I’m pretty bummed out. I ended up picking up a dirt cheap metal transaxle yoyo from a shop near my house and messing about with that and then my wife links me some video’s of the 2009 yoyo world championships and I was amazed, I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was seeing and at that moment I knew that I could replace skating with yoyo. I made a few mods to my cheap yoyo and learned up to braintwister and then ordered myself a fast 201, I just got split the atom dialed in yesterday and all I can think about is yoyo, it’s a perfect replacement for my skating as I can still impress people with it and get a great sense of achievement from learning and mastering new trick.

Sorry for the wall of text people but that’s my story of how I got into yoyo…

My friend said that i should try it and its really fun so i did. I love it and everybody at my school thinks its amazing! Im just a stud.

Couldn’t yo-yo for the longest time. Started guitar lessons a little while later and saw my teacher playing, told him I was interested, and he gave me a Duncan Mosquito. It’s been a while since then, and I practice all the time, but now I found yoyoexpert and I’m learning quicker than ever.

I remembered Yomega’s thing back in the day.

My dad first bought me a Coca-cola russel yoyo…

I started looping it (Cause it wont sleep)
And I looped all day long without stopping… I only stop when my arms hurt or when I’m hungry…

Then I bought a yoyo that FINALLY sleeps!

And I got hooked to 1A…

It’s funny because I started in looping but I got hooked to 1A…

Yo-yoing ROCKZ!