House Tour ft. Bonfire


Newest video. With the help of my CLYW Bonfire, I will be showing you my new house, comments are appreciated.




You have a really nice house… and visual appealing yoyo style! ;D


That first combo! I really want to break that down and learn it.


Very very smooth man! Great and fluid combos and it all flowed well together. Great looking style, and that was a nice looking kitchen! Keep up the good work and make us some tutorials!

  • For sure, I will see to it that I get plenty more videos in the future, thanks!


Good skills man. Interesting house tour. I liked it.


This should be on yoyonews lol


Thanks, so much man, this is incredibly nice of you to say!  :-*


I agree


Thanks, this means a lot!


Dat smooth buttery sauuuce


:wink: - Thanks!