hitman mod for skyline

i have heard abot the hitman mod for skylines but what does it relly do?and how do you do it?

also what is the difference between the hong kong one and normal skylines?

I think its for making it grind better or just to add some bling (yeah) (or to look like a hitman?)
heres how to do it:(the vid shows it with a 888)

you just need a drill or lathe and some sand paper
while spinning the yoyo in the drill/lathe you just need to sand-down the ano in the rims.

And for the skyline hong kong edition, I think theres no much difference, only that it was first released in hong kong, because the skyline is a yyn exclusive (or selected retail exclusive), but now they released some in hong kong

so thats it,
but for me , I wont do the hitman mod , it won’t do much

No,the HK edition is just limeted.

oohh ya ;D