Hiatus Yo-yo Team Tutorials

Here are some unique trick tutorials from Hiatus Yo-yo Team:

But first meet the team!

Iron Palm

Speed Stacks

Shooting Star


Good Luck learning them!  O0  ;D
Hiatus Yoyo Team!

Fizzle was fo shizzle…


thanks ;D that was my trick

I have another uploading! ;D

Wow nice tricks do you guys have a youtube channel

This is the teams shared youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HiatusYoyoTeam
but most of the team members have individual channels on youtube :slight_smile:

hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice videos! i’m gonna work on a few of these. Btw, what yoyo is this? I’m a sucka for purple!

Glad your like the vids :slight_smile: the yoyo is a Hany 2 in purple and silver

Do any of you guys have 4a tutorials/ know a good site for 4a?

spin furys a pretty good (uk) website! :slight_smile:

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