Hey Moderators and forum eXperts...

I don’t know a bout others, but I would love to see you guys show off your collection! Please?

Studio42 has meticulously documented most of his collection, but I believe it’s only on FaceBook.

Here are mine… Give or take a few here and there…

And a few more…

That Dietz… Amongst others :o

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model 10, im drooling. nice collection!

I’m loving that Wrath Mgiroux77.

Nice coloway, and really nice photo as well. ;D

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Here ya go!



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Why thank you sir!! That Wrath is one heck of a nice throw… It takes to photography very well.

Wow! That is an art piece in itself!  :o :o

^ Holy poo-on-a-stick!! That’s one hell of a collection… :open_mouth: