Not sure where to put this, so here goes:

Duncan, 1950s:

Durban (South Africa), 1966:

Cape Town (South Africa), 1972:

Anyone else have some iconic images they’d like to share?


This is the perfect place for this and this is an awesome thread.


Really… no one else have anything they’d like to share here?

Incidentally, the fellow doing double-handed in the 1950s Duncan pamphlet is Jack Russell. He went on to form his own company, and Russell went on to produce over 500 million yoyos over 50+ years, in promotions in over 90 countries.


According to that first duncan poster… I don’t own a real yoyo :frowning:


At the time Duncan had a trademark on the term “yo-yo”.

Royal produced yoyos that had the trademarked term and Duncan took them to court. Royal argued that “yo-yo” was a generic term. Duncan lost the case and it almost bankrupted the company.


I’m Glad they kept going