Here are the specs for what I'd like my next yoyo to be. Suggestions?

Bead blasted (or simalarily smooth) finish
nice IRG
I don’t want hub-stacks
Flow-able silicone response
Readily available is a plus
1a play
<100 price point

I was thinking of getting the Kyo DNS but would like some input from others.

Bead blasted…I have no idea what yoyo is bead blasted and what IRG is, but Lunatic, Dv888, Genenis, all YYFs in the price range you want are what you are looking for.

I would highly recommend a YYF boss or YYF chaotic. I’m not sure if they are beadblasted (they kind of look like it) They have a nice IRG area, I think they both come with K-pads in them. Although putting silicone in would not be a problem. They are both under $100 also.

Thanks so far. I do have some interest in the chaotic. I like the shape of it a lot.