Helpin the site


What we can do is…when someone is waitin for a message,you have yo change the page to do it,to make it more clear… :(,make the message bar pop up


Uhhh… What?


I think he said instead of having to click the message tab thing, have the message pop up with a reply option. I think this would be pretty cool.


Actually, it’s not that cool. Another board I’m on has a pop-up when you get a message. I find it a bit annoying.


Amen JHB. I’m constantly looking at my message notification so…


popups are SO 1998…

seriously though, popups get in the middle of what you are doing, and sometimes dont show up if you have a blocker


There is an option that you can turn on in your profile that will run a simple javascript alert when you receive a new message.