Help with Matrix

K. I can hit The Matrix, but not consistent enough and not multiples. I can hit DoN very consistent, near 100%. But here’s the thing…

String spacing seems to be very important to hit DoN. The first wrap around my non-throw pointer (call this the “back string”) is far back on my finger. The wrap around my throw-hand pointer (call this the “middle string”) is at about mid-finger. The second wrap around my non-throw pointer (call this the “front string”) is between the two knuckles. This gives the string a slight zigzag or Z look and exposes the “front string” for the catch. Without the string spacing, the “front string” is under others and I end up on multiple strings.

My problem with The Matrix is when you spin off of DoN, your dropping and spinning off the “back string” and the “middle string”. So I’m now in Trapeze with the non-throwhand wrap at the front of my finger. Then I try to pop back into DoN and I don’t have the Z… and end up on two strings.

There must be some “move” to shift the strings back. Otherwise, every consecutive Matrix would get progressively farther down the non-throwhand pointer.

I guess my question, basically, is what am I missing?

Well, before you go into double or nothing, try spacing out the string slowly. With practice and time, you will start doing this subconsciously. So maybe you will just be hitting one string. ;D

I’m not sure you understood the problem. I have no issue with DoN. I can “space out the string” and hit DoN in my sleep. The problem is I’m not sure how to manage string placement for the second DoN in The Matrix.

Keep your hands parallel with the string. It just takes practice. It will improve.

Keep working at it and after you pop off of the trapeze slide the strings back to where they’re supposed to be. Then start to keep the yoyo going when you do that. Then you will, like dashiznit said, do this subconsciously.

About all you can do is practice your spacing! Good luck!