Help with home-made string.

    So for those out there who use string you made yourself, you may have noticed that it doesn't last as long as string you buy from the internet. The problem is that the string that is connected to the bearing isn't touching it all the way. (Meaning that it is not twisted completely to the bearing) You can fix this by throwing ufo's to twist it up until it touches. Most that have tried it would probably know that it will unravel during play and not be able for slack tricks. This is what you do:
  1. Throw a U.F.O. until it touches the bearing

  2. Remove the string from your hand and drop the string so it spins

  3. Continually let it spin until it’s straight

  4. Throw about one or two more ufo’s and repeat step 2 and 3

  5. It is now done. You may notice that the string is completely untangled and straight

     Your string should now last as long or very close to an internet bought string.

(This thread is intended for newbies who are new to string making. Please do not post spam about already knowing or about me being dumb, stupid, etc. Please feel free to help others on this thread cause i most probabley wont be on) ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Great post, but try not to call anyone a noob. You’ll never know if it offends people or not.

And one more thing: UFO’s won’t work with unresponsive yo-yos. I’m not sure how you can get it to touch the bearings on an unresponsive yo-yo. Any ideas?

side winder it wotk with unreponsive yoyos

It actually won’t.

I know the Washing Machine trick loosens the string tension, but it’s really hard to reverse it so that it tightens.

try this a trapeze
2. put the string conected to your throwhand between your nonthrowhand pointer and middle finger
4.grab the string closest to your body and conected to the yoyo and pull towards you

Oh i play with a dm btw. it took me about five minutes to realize that you were talking about returning it after your done with the ufo. Ok heres the trick… You dont all you do is roll it up again

And to all the people who were offended by the word noob i am sorry and i will pay for all damages done to your feelings… lol.

? Mine works alright. Mine actually lasts longer than the store bought ones. 3:7 ratio. To get it tighter, just spin the drill more. So it’ll take more string, but it’ll be tighter.

ya thats one way and mine lasts longer too im just saying that if you make it and its twisted all weird you can just do this instead of waste string