Help me find a Skywalker! Rewards for your help! Case pic added!

Looking for a couple specific yoyos.

  1. First run G2 Albatross. Orange with silver splash. Preferably smooth with the original box. Sold mine in a pinch a while back and am looking to get er back.

  2. VsNYYC Skywalker in the Swamp Part colorway. It’s the blue/clear fade with orange splash. Any condition as long as it’s relatively smooth. Or not. Just need one in my case. If you happen to have a skywalker not in this colorway still let me know. I’d be willing to work with you.

I have some money and cool yoyos to throw at you if you have either of these two. Hmu.

Here’s a pic of most of my stuff, most wold be free to go for either of these yo yos if the trade is fair. If you don’t know what something is, feel free to message me.

To anyone who helps to put me in contact with someone I end up going through a deal with I’d be happy to send you a northstar with some kitty string for your help (in in cont. US). If you’re not in the cont. US I’ll send you a little paypal gift :slight_smile:

Thanks friendz. Pm me if you can help


You need to post pics of your trades or this will get removed.