Help in replacing K-pads

Hi all i just got some pads for my dv888 caus the one in it were worn out.I went to replace them but i stuck it in and all was well…untill…ten minutes later i played it and they fell out and arent sticky anymore!!! what should i do,i tryed glueing them in but that only messed things up more…

Did you take a pin and get the old pads/gunk out?
after you put the pads in did you push it down with a pencil or something?

yesh i deed and it still dident work…good thing i ordered 2 sets :smiley:

Try using rubbing alcohol or soap/water to remove any oil/residue that may keep the new pads from sticking as well.
Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying new pads.
If you use a stronger glue, you may not be able to remove and replace the pads.