Hectic Q's

I know people talk about “Prefrences”…But I don’t have any yet, so I want to save up for my first all metal yoyo. I have a few Q’s.

  1. I’m happy with flowable silicone and was wondering if I don’t like the k-pads if I could put that in if I wanted?

  2. Overall is it worth the money?

  3. Is there another fundaMETAL that you THINK is better?

  4. And what do you think about it overall.

It’s a wonderful yoyo. Many people like it a lot. You can indeed silicone it if you want, just make sure to make it either flush or raised, not recessed, if you want it to last for any decent period of time.

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i think the best fundaMETAL is the Dv888. I think that’s the best first full metal, i would even recommend it over other really good full metals. (Axiom, Chaotic, Vendetta, etc)

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All of the FundaMETALs are worth the money, they are cheap, but not cheaply made.

If you dont like the K-Pads you can silicone it, and trust Brain with what he said, he walked me through my first silicone job and it wasn’t half bad.

Overall, all the FundaMETALs are great. You can’t go wrong with any of them

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