Heavy Hitters


I’m throwing out some good stuff to see what’s out there. I’m open to interesting trades, but I’m mostly looking for throws I haven’t owned.

LF Twin Drive, Ilyy Abyss, Shaqshine Bros, Rihara Ore

If you have anything on my wants list, please PM me - I may have other throws for trade or PayPal.


Tundra (B grade half swap) - looking to trade, but open to offers

000 BTM - looking to trade, but open to offers

Acadia BTM - gone

Ti Krown - gone

Metavity - gone

Killshot - 150

Trion Crash - 130

Chopsticks Gorilla - 140

Sucction - gone

B7 Grail - gone

A/rt Unnamed - gone

MCMO Nickel - 130

Outlier 2 - gone

Essence - 30


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