Have $130 cash. Going to OHIO States. Wants listed below

I recently got $130 cash. I DO NOT HAVE PAYPAL yet. Walmart money order or mailing cash are my options.I got tired of searching the bst after making it to the 4th page for the 3rd time.

Unless I get a great deal I will wait until after Ohio states (September 1st)


I like mint yoyos but will accept any condition if i like it.

I love oversized and some full yoyos

I would love to do a bundle including the capless or facade

Color is important

Wants The more * the more I want it.

dropbear* - tenyoyo
hazmat* - toxic
capless*** - c3
facade** - recrev
halo - c3
di base - c3
dark sonic - c3
inspire* - yoyojam
vexed - yoyojam
supernova lite - yoyofactory
mvp 2* - yoyofactory
albatros - g squared
aware** - x cube
article circle - clyw


Send me pictures of the yoyo. (pm if you can’t)