Hand Dyed Pop Art & Rain Drop Counterweights from Rain City!

Pop Art:

NOTE: When making the hand dyed versions, Jeff Anderson worked his magic and created some beautiful colors. Unfortunately, something in the design of the Pop Art didn’t like being heated, and the process introduced some vibe. Nothing critical, but you’ll notice a bit it if you are playing unresponsive. Lesson learned, in future we’ll test the dye on prototypes to make sure they can handle it!

The good news - you get a Limited Edition Dyed Pop Art for a discount! Grab yourself a “Sorry Grade” Pop Art for a sweet price!

Releasing Saturday 11/14 @ 8PM EST.

Rain Drops:

Machined from delrin, these counterweights offer great durability that won’t scratch or ding your favorite yo-yo. The base bead weighs 8g, with an optional bearing assembly that slips in the end adding 2.5g to the weight. You can even replace the Size C bearing with a narrow bearing for a weight in-between the two to really customize your setup.

Releasing Saturday 11/14 @ 8PM EST.