Mickey holds his finger up a lot, Andre gets a serious caveman like look on his face (no offence André), Augie stands on one leg when he binds, Yuuki pops his neck, and John Ando always crouches down when he does an arm trick, Sebastian’s heads follows the yo-yo during binds.

I open my eyes really wide and have a weird expression.

What are your habits?


Vashek makes his lips tight.

I do the same thing, or I leave my mouth open. When really concentrating, I make my lips into an “oval” shape, lol


Ya same here.


I sometimes mouth comments to myself as I yoyo such as I messed up or got it!

also I sometimes bend my knee’s when catching a yoyo after popping it up such as the second pop of kwijibo


lol i usually look up, look upperleft, and look down in a square, then do it in the opposite direction. and people think im wierd. They are right.

But waddya mean by Mickey holds his finger up alot, and andre gets a caveman look? Just curious, dont really understand.