h-shape and rounded

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I was wondering what are the biggest differences between the H-shape and the rounded butterfly shape. Does anybody know?


Some different design of the yoyo, or maybe the quality of the yoyo.

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the h-shape gets better sleeps,reason beingthe wheight is centered towards the rims

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then why do some people prefer the rounded shape?


Since it is rounded, it is more comfortable in your hand. It’s not all about sleep time, you know.


Still, rounded shape is usually made in order to focus weight on the rims. Just because it is an H-Shape doesnt mean it is gonna have more sleep time 100% of the time.


I also hear that variety is the spice of life.

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Yep ;D
Now, lets compare shapes:
Lets cover the first two we were talking about: Rounded and H-Shape
Here is the most conventional round shape, though there can be similar variations.


Here is a variation, rounded rims

Now lets jump to the H-Shape. YoYoFactory Pioneered this shape and did some great things with it. Its more profound in the G5, where I believe it was first introduced. I believe YYF did some testing and made 4 attempts before releasing the final product, the G5:

Over-time, they changed the shape a little. It is found in some yoyos as the Skyline and the Superstar:
The H-Shape gave great weight Distribution, and it contributed to long spin time. Over the years, there have been different innovations like flat rims:

And even pointed rims:

Anyway, I hope it helped!

Yep (NOTE: I am not saying that the company’s that I posted pictures invented those shapes, I am just showing them as examples ;))


Samad, DM is not a H shape, its a Butterfly/wing shape. Read the details in yoyonation below.

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He didn’t say they were h shaped ;D