gs2 question?

I was wondering I got a gs2 (which plays not too if deshield the bearing for some reason) and do synergy caps fit it and if they do what size? Oh, also, my gs2 was having long spin times but now it spins for like 15 seconds when it use to spin for about 1min+ any ideas to fix this problem.

I don’t think Synergy Caps can fit on it.
The spin problem, well… Did you got the string stuck between the bearing and the seat at all?
A piece of string may have gotten in it, or something may have gotten in it. Try cleaning it.

I cleaned the bearing seat even though it looked clean but still not long spin time and its been like this for 2 days. I got it on Saturday (the 13th) and I don’t understand why it would do this (should i get new bearing?).

DO NOT get a new bearing yet! you will probably be throwing out a bearing that’s fine when cleaned.
Try cleaning your bearing, not the seat. Here’s a guide:

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thank you so much i cleaned my bearing and now it sleeps and play fantastic, ;D ;D ;D
now I just need to know if gs2 can use synergy cap cause I heard its a bolt and bolts can use
synergy caps.

I don’t think they can, sorry.

well I have $25 I don’t know what to. Get mods for my yoyos (m1, flying panda, gs2, or speedmaker)
or get I new yoyo but I can only spend like $20 because of shipping.


I’ve tried the legacy and thought about buying it and am thinking but anymore suggestion.

A FH0?

they’re nice and my cousin has one so I play it and its nice but it just bothers me for some reason and I don’t know why.

Dragon Jam + 100 strings?