Gruntbull Orbis - Review

(Chris Allen) #1

REVIEW - Gruntbull - Orbis

Gruntbull Anodizing has finally drank the Kool-Aid. The company known for incredible splash anno finished and bead blasting has succumbed to the awesomeness that is yo-yoing and has dipped their big bead blasted toe into the MicYo-brew waters and released their first design, the Orbis. Remember, this is a company that regularly gets sent the crème de la crème of yo-yo’s for anno and finish treatments. Peaks and BVM’s regularly grace their anodizing and bead blasting equipment, so they should know a good yo-yo when they see it. Right?

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I went on YYS and read it earlier,awsome review

(Jeromy K.) #3

Too bad I was looking at one I’ll wait for the next run.