Green Triangle Thread!

I have always had trouble with green triangles and don’t know why and I was thinking, someone else may have this problem so I am making this thread for inspiration and motivation! :wink:

Post a video of your Green Triangle(s) Old or new. Please no angles just one shot, You may have multiple tricks but each trick gets only one shot. So you can have a person that has 5 tricks so he only gets one shot for the first trick, one shot for the second trick, and so on. So in the end this person would have 5 clips. You can make the video as long or short as you please. Only Green Triangles! Lets make this thread inspiring and motivating! Just PM me your video and I will post your video on the thread! Easy enough?

This is probably the best GT video you’ll find. It’s by Jeff (Jeffreypang911).

dayum that was good  ;D

I love number 13!