gray protostar


if anyone knows where i can buy a gray yyf protostar (i want a website) please tell me. i think the gray one looks really cool and i dont like the other colors. and please dont give me a site that its out of stock. thanks


your best bet is to look on the buy/ sell/ trade network…


Im not sure if your aware but we cant recommend you to buy from another store. I mean they work on this forum so hard at least support them.

(Brandon1) #4

Actually, you can…

But you have to send the link via PM…


Yes but its not really morally right when they do all this work to give us these forums. Plus you can only post things if they arent available on yye. And i mean the item not the colorway.


If it’s in a pm then it’s fine. Problem is you won’t find a grey protostar in any store. BST is your friend here.